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Available Services 


Fire Mitigation 

What is it?

  1. Protects your home: Fire mitigation techniques such as creating defensible space around your home, removing dead vegetation, and mechanically thinning can help protect your home from being damaged or destroyed in a wildfire.

  2. Prevents the spread of wildfires: By reducing the amount of fuel available for a wildfire to burn, fire mitigation can help prevent the spread of wildfires. This can help prevent wildfires from getting out of control and potentially causing more damage.

  3. Protects wildlife habitats: Wildfires can have a significant impact on wildlife habitats. Fire mitigation techniques such as creating fuel breaks and removing hazardous vegetation can help preserve wildlife habitats and promote biodiversity.

  4. Reduces the risk of human-caused fires: Many wildfires are caused by human activities. Performing fire mitigation techniques to your landscape can reduce the probability of human caused fires on your property. 

Slash Removal 

Slash removal refers to the process of removing woody debris, such as branches, logs, and shrubs, from a property. This debris is often left behind after fire mitigation or other land-clearing activities. Removing the slash can help reduce the risk of wildfires and improve the health of the land. Private property owners can hire us to remove the slash, or they can do it themselves if they have the necessary equipment and experience. The slash can be chipped, burned, or hauled away.

Lumberjack Cutting Down Trees

Tree Removal 

Tree removal is an important part of fire mitigation and creating a defensible space around your home in the wild-land urban interface. If your property only has a few dead trees or other trees with little to no vigor we can come to your property and remove them. Depending on the land owner, the trees can be left for fire wood, removed from the property, or chipped and broadcasted across the property. 

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